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Mr Mallina has a strong commitment to research and evidence-based medicine, and
regularly publishes in peer-reviewed journals. He has presented his research wor
k at
various national and regional meetings. Mr Mallina’s research is focussed on
improving the outcomes of hand and wrist surgeries, reducing complications and
improving patient satisfaction. He is a reviewer of Orthopaedic and hand surgery

Publications in peer-reviewed journals

Mallina R, Lau LC, Mak MC, Ho PC

A simple method of identification of 1U and 1R portals in thumb carpometacarpal joint arthroscopy.

Journal of Hand Surgery Eur 2020(46): 3, 315-316


Maklad M, Mallina R, Lindau T

Trapeziectomy and Abductor Pollicis Longus LRTI combined with Extensor pollicis brevis tenodesis for management of thumb basal joint osteoarthritis and metacarpophalangeal hyperextension.

J Hand Microsurgery 2021; 13(2):114-118


Martin Van, Francesca Ghini, Ravi Mallina, Rajive Jose.

Price of a finger.

Journal of Hand Surgery Asian Pac 2021; 26(2), 305-307


A Review of Outcome Reporting Practices after Flexor Tendon Repair in Zones 1 and 2
The Journal of Hand Surgery (Asian-Pacific Volume)Pages:226–232


Mallina R, Peiter Jordan, Tahseen Chaudhary, Dominic Power.

Short-term results of Revision Cubital Tunnel Release Treated With Neurolysis and Procine Submucosa Extracellular Matrix.

IFSSH June 2019 Berlin Germany


Mallina R, Peiter Jordan, Dominic Power

Clinical Outcomes in Revision Carpal Tunnel Decompression using the Axoguard nerve protector.

IFSSH June 2019 Berlin Germany


Mallina R, Jose R

Clinical Outcomes of Zone 1 Flexor Tendon Injuries Treated With Bone Anchor.

IFSSH June 2019 Berlin Germany


Mallina R, Al-Achraf Khoriati, Sharma R, Ellahee N

Advantages of arthroplasty vs Trapeziectomy for the treatment of Thumb Carpometacarpal Joint Osteoarthritis.

IFSSH June 2019 Berlin Germany


Ellahee  N, Razak A, Mallina R, Sharma R

Distal radio-ulnar replacement: our early experience with a constrained prosthesis.

IFSSH June 2019 Berlin Germany


Martin Van, Francesca Ghini, Ravi Mallina, Rajive Jose.

Clinical Vs. Operative Findings in Hand Trauma Using Online eHands System.

IFSSH June 2019 Berlin Germany


Uhiara O, Kain N, Jordan P, Mallina R, Brewster M

The Role of early MRI in the diagnosis of Scaphoid and Other Wrist Injuries in the presence of Normal Radiographs.

BSSH April 2019 Swansea UK

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